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A well-maintained Subaru model will last. Despite brevity, it remains true that 98% of all new Subaru models sold within the last ten years are still viable and reliant. Promoting such longevity are regular oil changes and fluid servicing. At Royal Subaru, we play host to a Subaru-certified service center and parts department located onsite near Cortland, NY.

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The Importance of Regular Oil Changes, Fluid Servicing

Candidly, the more attention your Subaru Outback Wilderness receives, the better it will perform. Nothing is more true of an engine and internal parts working in harmony.

Motor oil is the lifeblood of an engine. It regulates heat, while providing the necessary lubrication of engine parts. Without a fresh supply of oil, your engine may breakdown at any given time. Costly repairs will follow.

Thoroughness to Rely Upon

At Royal Subaru, when making an oil-change appointment online, your Subaru Forester will benefit from a thorough procedure. And complementing every oil change is the Subaru multipoint inspection.

This seeks to identify issues before becoming larger problems down the road to Syracuse. It remains a surefire method with which to enhance all aspects of safe Subaru operation. Included in this is the monitoring of vehicle fluid systems.

Fluid Servicing

Another facet of a Subaru oil change is fluid servicing.

Several Subaru systems require fresh and full levels of fluids for optimal performance and safety. From brakes and wipers to steering and transmission, fluids need to be free of contaminants and debris, and topped off as necessary. And our factory-trained technicians know all the Subaru mileage milestones initiating fluid flushing and exchanges.

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