Royal Subaru Loves the Earth
Help Us Protect It

Join Royal Subaru in Cortland, NY., as we participate in this worthwhile movement. Our Subaru Loves the Earth project provides a helping hand to Mother Earth in various ways. You don't need to dub yourself an eco-warrior to support the planet. All you need to do is care and put that caring heart into action.

There are various ways you can help. We believe that it's everyone's responsibility to do what's right for the planet. And yes. We put our actions where our mouth is.

Partnership with TerraCycle®

We are proud to partner with TerraCycle and help reduce hard-to-recycle waste. This beneficial partnership helps reduce landfill waste by actively finding ways to reuse these materials. Recycle things like cigarette waste, food containers, plastic wrap, and more. You can help by simply depositing your waste in one of the TerraCycle Zero Waste Boxes at our dealership.

Help us keep our communities clean. Don't stress about whether or not something is recyclable. Bring your discarded waste to Royal Subaru and let us and TerraCycle work to transform your waste into usable material. We're in this together, so let's do what we can to improve the earth we love.

Celebrate Earth Day with Royal Subaru

Here are a few of our favorite ways to be a hands-on ambassador for Mother Earth:

  • Take a Trash Walk - grab a trash bag, a pair of gloves, and take a walk around your neighborhood, stopping to pick up trash as you go
  • Leave No Trace - when you're out and about enjoying our beautiful landscapes this summer, make sure you only leave footprints behind
  • Reduce Single Use Plastic - invest in a reusable water bottle or tumbler to enjoy your favorite beverages on the go

Contact us to learn more about the Subaru Loves the Earth initiative. This Earth Day, join us as we prepare to make our community a better place. At Royal Subaru, we want to leave the world better than we found it. Let's join hands and improve the world, creating the future we desire.